Future Issues


Our goal is to release two issues per year, though we’re still averaging a little over one.

Currently we are working on an issue about Kingsport. 

Some potential future issue topics might include:

Vermont’s hills
Namacknowatt Island
and points beyond…

Native Americans of New England
Travel and transportation
The Miskatonic River
Lovecraft Country By Gaslight

Feel free to leave a comment to tell us what topics you would want to see covered.

5 thoughts on “Future Issues

  1. bwgustaf says:

    Alchemy. I’m running an university based Alchemy-centeric game and would love to include some more historical alchemy in the game.

    • We’ve got an article about New England’s alchemists, expanding off of some posts on the site, ready for a future issue of the Arkham Gazette. I’m not sure we can do a whole issue on alchemy, but I hope that might be of interest.

  2. bwgustaf says:

    New England Museums & Curio Shops. Could you maybe do an issue on either of those? I also have an interest in haunted houses and abandoned theme parks.

  3. Bryan Gustafson says:

    Are you doing an entry on Appalachia during your Dunwich issue? If not could you do a separate issue on the Kentucky Appalachians? I’m​ running a campaign there.

    • While there is some cultural similarity, I am afraid I don’t have the scope to cover the Apalachians in the Arkham Gazette. I’m sure there is a lot to draw from – Manly Wade Wellman comes to mind – and a rich folkloric tradition to boot.

      Please tell us more about your campaign. What’s the era? What is your inspiration?

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